Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Our VoIP services offer a blend of quality, reliability, and flexibility, designed to meet the diverse communication needs of today’s organizations.

VoIP Services: Key Features

High-Quality Voice Calls

Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing client interactions.


Easily add or remove lines to match your business growth without significant infrastructure changes.

Multi-device Compatibility

Make and receive calls on laptops, desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Advanced Call Management

Features like call forwarding, hold, mute, voicemail, and conference calls to enhance your communication capabilities.

Integrated Communication Solutions

Combine voice, video, and messaging in a single platform to streamline your communication processes.

Ready to Transform Your Communications?

Contact us today to learn how our VoIP solutions can streamline your communication, reduce costs, and push your organization forward. Experience the future of communication today.

Switching to VoIP: Benefits

Cost Savings

Reduce your monthly phone bills by switching to internet-based calling.


Make calls from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, perfect for remote teams and telecommuters.

Flexibility and Scalability

Adjust your services to match business needs without expensive hardware or complicated contracts.

Enhanced Features

Access to a wide range of communication tools that are not available with traditional phone services.

How VoIP Can Help Your Organization

Imagine your team distributed across different locations, collaborating on projects without any communication barriers. With our VoIP solution, your team can stay connected, share ideas, and drive business forward, irrespective of their physical location. No missed calls, no miscommunications, just seamless interaction, leading to increased productivity and enhanced customer service.

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Emily S.

“Keep up the great work!”

“We can always count on INC SYSTEMS to keep our systems running and to address any issues that do occur in a very timely manner. We look forward to a long working relationship with INC SYSTEMS and have recommended you to all of our dental colleagues and fellow small business owners. Keep up the great work!”

Dr. Emily S.
Local Dentist

Dr. Mark K

“They provide our peace of mind”

“INC is our 1st phone call when we have any computer problems and we are treated like their first priority. They provide our peace of mind.”

Dr. Mark K.
Local Dentist

Christopher W.

“Extremely knowledgeable technicians”

“The staff at INC SYSTEMS is always helpful and friendly. This includes the extremely knowledgeable technicians as well as the great office and administrative staff. We feel valued as clients of INC SYSTEMS and know that we can call on them at any time for nearly any technology-related issues we may have.”

Christopher W.
Technology Coordinator
Non-Profit Health Organization

Chad C.

“Always responsive to our needs”

“We have been working with INC SYSTEMS since 2007 and have been extremely satisfied with their performance. They are always responsive to our needs, even on weekends and evenings, and we’ve come to trust them to manage all of our computers and network issues. They are a great partner for our organization.”

Chad C.
Charter Bus Organization

Tauzzari R.

“We have been able to work more efficiently”

“After just a few short months of working with the team from I.N.C. we have been able to work more efficiently and our IT infrastructure is the least of our worries. Their team was able to explain things to our staff in a simple way that was easy to follow and easy to understand. Every issue is handled quickly and they always follow up to see how things are progressing. Over the past few months, their staff has blended in with ours and feel like they are a part of our team.”

Tauzzari R.
Local Non-Profit Organization

Alba G.

“One of the best decisions we’ve ever made”

“One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was switching our IT support to INC SYSTEMS in 2018. In this day and age, I have to say, there is absolutely no comparison with their customer service to others. They are ‘Top Notch’ and a class of their own. All contact I’ve had with staff and IT support has been pleasant and thorough. Everyone is wise in what they do, quick to respond, and just get things done! The professionalism, patience, and care we receive while handling IT issues, matters more than they’ll ever know. I so appreciate when presented with future possibilities or needs in our technology, we are educated in a timely manner with no pressure to act. Thank you for servicing our technology needs with excellent follow up, and thank you for actually caring about our people and our company.”

Alba G.
Construction Company

David S.

“The staff that has been put together at INC SYSTEMS is second to none”

“Our organization has partnered with INC SYSTEMS since 2009. In that time, they have supported our IT and Telephone services. The staff that has been put together at INC SYSTEMS is second to none both in their knowledge and customer service. They are always on top of any issues that may arise. As they have grown over the years, there has never been a drop off in their commitment to all their customers no matter how much time passes. Aaron and his people are also champions of the Non-Profit sector which falls in line with the mission of our organization. Thank you all for your continued commitment and for the talent that you possess which keeps us up and running. I would highly recommend INC SYSTEMS to any organization, new or old, that needs a professional and skilled team to help with their needs. “

David S.
Executive Director

Dawn B.

“Their customer service is one of the best we have experienced”

“INC SYSTEMS has been the solution we were searching for to help with all our IT needs. They handle all of our service call needs, as well as monitoring, repairing and planning for future IT needs. They are an all-encompassing solution that is proving to be very valuable for our company. They are responsive, helpful, friendly, and work hard until the problem is resolved. Their customer service is one of the best we have experienced as a company. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for IT assistance and solutions.”

Dawn B.
Office Manager

Mark R.

“The only question we have is what took us so long to find them.”

“Over the years our company has operated on a network which has evolved from basic PC’s connected to a simple and unprotected server. Our internet service was a separate issue. We have been serviced by 4 different IT suppliers/consultants with various degrees of stress while waiting for servicing or replacements. In 2018 we met with INC SYSTEMS on a recommendation from one of our associates. After the initial meeting we discussed it amongst our staff and decided to take a chance on them. It has turned out to be a great move. They came in and made the changes and adjustments they had recommended, included our internet security painlessly and without any downtime. They suggested updates and replacements on a schedule that worked for us. It has been smooth sailing ever since. Whenever we have an issue, which is not very often, we submit a ticket and the issue is fixed in a timely, seamless matter. Not only do they keep our servers and PCs working smoothly they deal with our internet service provider as well. The only question we have is what took us so long to find them.”

Mark R.
Vice President
Real Estate Service

Jessica S.

“INC SYSTEMS is the gold standard when it comes to quality assurance”

“With INC SYSTEMS, I can trust that I am getting the best quality products and services. They are always on top of the latest trends and technologies and never settle for mediocrity. Their customer service is second to none, always replying quickly and professionally. In short, INC SYSTEMS is the gold standard when it comes to quality assurance – they really do set the bar high!”

Jessica S.
Sales Manager
Distribution Firm


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